Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Apology of Sorts

Hidy ho, neighbors!

I know, I's been quite some time since I've updated.  But listen, the holidays were ca-ray-zeeee.  And then I've been super sick with this sinusy thing since New Years.  And I've been on several rounds of antibiotic and then they tried steroids and then I got hemorrhagic cystitis (which is just as much fun as it sounds), and well, I just didn't feel like updating with all of that crap going on.  But, I'm back now!  And I have a brand new mouse for my laptop, which means I should have not one, but TWO updates by the end of the week.  One is a recipe for my AMAZING chicken spaghetti, and the other is one of those fun filled tales of woe you come here for because you're a terrible human being.

Stay tuned!

Bonus picture of my cat being squeezed into a tiny sweater.

EDIT:  Ok, I didn't post till a month later.  But still...