Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sometimes, the internet scares me.

I know you are all desperately awaiting the second half of my sweeping narrative of a poor girl's struggle in a foreign city, bereft of friends and family, but to tide you over, I present


Gaze upon the horror:

Whatever you do, don't look into its eyes!
What?  What is that??  And what does it have to do with being a social worker?  Yes, social worker.  Oh, you weren't sure what they were advertising?  You thought it might be purifying fire?  Nope.  Social work.

OK, Seriously, what is with these kids and their creepy, creepy eyes?

Here we have what looks like a floating head/bad photochop combo.

Two of these are just from Facebook, I can only imagine what horrors lurk on the farther outskirts of the internet.  Please don't email them to me if you find them (but really, do).

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